Are you looking for the best kids subscription boxes As a parent, you always keep looking for the best to give your child? Whether it’s toys or food, you want to provide them with the best along concerning their health and safety. You have to look out for the best clothing for your kids in their size and hassling in the market every month. Different kid’s subscription boxes are out there to solve your problem and keep you away from all your worries.

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monthly subscription boxes for kids

Best Monthly Subscription Boxes For Kids Reviews

These subscription boxes help you to pick out some of the best items for your kids, keeping your concerns, and given information in mind. Some of the best are listed below.

1. KiwiCo Crates

KiwiCos focuses on the young age fun learning for kids and provides the monthly crate service with fun-filled learning items. The crates are according to the different age groups and interests. They also offer the facility to gift their boxes or send a gift card.

What’s inside: Each of their Crates includes age-appropriate products and activities for two months.

Price: The price varies from crate to crate and also depends on your subscription plan—free shipping all over the USA.

2. We Craft Box

We Craft provides a quality crafting product that is ready to use and saves your time from prepping. The box contains all the instructions and materials required to craft according to the kid’s imagination. The subscription plans are monthly based i.e., Month-to-month, 3-month pre Pay. Each of their plans comes with free shipping in the USA. You can also send a We Craft box to your loved ones as a gift.

What’s inside: In the box, you will get crafting material, tools, and instruction.

Price: The starting price of the We Craft box is $29.99 per month.

3. Why and Whale

Why And Whale sends out the fantastic and cool items of daily use for kids in their monthly subscription box. They have three different types of monthly plan that contains various products. The selected crate items are according to gender and age group. The shipping is provided worldwide on reasonable charges while it is free within the USA.

What’s inside: It includes apparel from different brands, toys, and much more.

Price: Price varies from package to package, starting from $21.00 per month.

4. Learning Crates

Learning crate provides a monthly subscription box service to provide a learning experience to children along with playful activates. They take information about your kid and his grade, and then their specialized team of teachers designs a perfect crate according to the level. Learning crate provides different customized boxes like learning crate, book crate.

What’s inside: There are different types of books and learning activities inside the crate to boost learning curiosity in a child.

Price: The subscription box price starts from $22.99 per month.

5. Girls can! Crate

Girls can! The crate is designed especially for girls to boost up their confidence and ability to achieve anything. There are three different types of boxes you can choose from i.e., Original Girls can! Crate, Mini Mailer Crate, and Digital Subscription. The shipping price is included in crate charges. They also provide different types of sample carte of different themes to try on.

What’s inside: Inside the box, there is a storybook of inspiring role models, activity books, hands-on science or arts activities, collectibles, and much more.

Price: Girls can! Carte charges $32.95 per month. If you subscribe for 6-month prepay or 12-month prepay, the charges drop to $29.95 and $27.95 per month, respectively.

6. Kid Box

Kid Box provides an effortless shopping experience for kid’s apparel with fresh and appealing styles. This box is a relief for busy parents so that they could easily shop with their kids at home. The buyer just has to fill up a survey about their preferences and styles and place their order. Kids Box also provides an option to build your box where you can select an item of your choice. The delivery is available in 48 contiguous United States.

What’s inside: Inside the box, you will get different outfits according to the selected style. The box will be delivered seven times a year.

Price: Kids Box charges $98.00 per crate.

7. Tinker Crate

Tinker Crate is a specialized STEM activity crate for kids of the age group of 9 to 16+. The activities and experiments in the box are designed to increase children’s curiosity in science and technology and enhance their thinking abilities. The instruction is given along so that kids could perform it themself and learn about different phenomena of Science, Technology, Engineering, and mathematics. The crate will be delivered each month. Currently, this crate is only available in the United States.

What’s inside: The box contains Experiment related items, tools, and guidelines.

Price: Tinker crate pricing starts from $19.95 per Month plus Free Shipping.

8. Bitsbox

Bitsbox is a coding- oriented subscription box. It Zis designed precisely to develop a kid’s interest in coding and building applications. You can select coding projects from simple to advanced levels. Kids can code their favorite project on the Bitsbox website from the box and share it on any device. Bitsbox can be shipped to over 70+ countries with additional shipping charges, whereas digital delivery is free.

What’s inside: 3+ Coding projects with instruction.

Price: Bitsbox charges start from $16.95 per month.

9. Yumble

If you are worried about the meals for your child that could be both nutritious and tasty, then Yumble is perfect for you. They provide weekly subscription services in which require no cooking, which saves your time. You just have to pick your plan and weekly menu, and your kid’s nutritionist-approved meals will be delivered right at your doorstep.

What’s inside: Meals for the week.

Price: $7.99/meal for 6 meals per week, $6.99/meal for eight meals per week, $5.99/meal for 12 meals per week.

Shipping is free.

10. Kidpik

Kidpik provides monthly clothing subscription boxes to keep your kids in style. They send you a free box with free shipping to try on items, and you have to pay after seven days only for the things you keep. The delivery of the box will be on your preferred monthly gap, and the items sent will be according to the estimate from the style quiz you take.

What’s inside: Box contains seven pieces of clothing items, shoes, and accessories to mix and make three different outfits.

Price: The average Kidpik box costs $95.

11. Loot Crate

Loot crate is one of a kind subscription box which caters the need of people who are into action and superhero movies. This crate is perfect for your geek side, who follows their favorite fandoms. Loot crate delivery is done every month between 25th and 30th.

What’s inside: Inside the box, it has a comic book, wearables accessories, a t-shirt, an action figure, and utility items.

Price: Loot Crate monthly charges start from $24.99 per month and vary from crate to crate inclusive of delivery charges.

12. Doodle Crate

If you are specifically looking for an Arts supplies subscription for your child, then Doodle crate is a perfect catch. It is delivered every month and is suitable for kids age nine plus. The box contains perfect crafting items that bring out the creativity of your kid and engage him in creating an ideal project as an outcome.

What’s inside: Inside, there are instructions and crafting material.

Price: $19.95 per month with free shipping.

13. Green kids craft

Green Kid Craft provide monthly subscription box of arts and science projects is perfect for building children mind and creativity from an early age. The kits are suitable for age groups 2 to 10+. The boxes are themed and will be delivered each month. They also provide sample boxes of different past projects related to Science, Arts, Engineering, Mathematics, and Technology.

What’s inside: Inside the box, it has 4-6 arts and science kits for the project, a book, eco-friendly equipment, and a 12-page magazine.

Price: $17.95 per month.

14. Owl Crate, Jr.

Owl crate Jr. is a monthly subscription box for kids that comes in a different theme every time. It focuses on items that could help in developing reading habits in children. The pieces are picked carefully in such a way that it helps in increasing curiosity and building imagination.

What’s inside: The box contains a brand new middle-grade novel, exclusive goodies from the author, and 3-5 unique and usable items built around that month’s theme.

Price: $27.99 per month, including shipping charges.

15. The Preschool Box

The preschool box provides fun learning items for kids that have not been to school yet. The monthly package is excellent for homeschooling lightly. The items in the box help young minds to learn, read, and be creative. The activities can help in learning, writing, and reading. They also send instructions guide book for parents along with other items.

What’s inside: The box has 16+ learning activities, books, crafting material, and instructions.

Price: It starts from $32.95 per month, including shipping charges.

16. Sensory Theraplay Box

it is a specially designed sensory theraplay subscription box for kids with Autism. The company urges to provide sensory toys and other items so that children could engage in fun play. The articles ships at the start of every month. You can also buy it for one time or send it as a gift.

What’s inside: Each box contains 5-6 sensory items chosen carefully by a licensed therapist. The items are therapeutic so that it helps in calming and relief in anxiety.

Price: The box Values $39.95 per month.

17. Surprise Ride

Surprise ride provides the subscription services, which promotes screen-free learning. They send specially designed STEM, History, Geography, and Art activities right at your doorstep. The projects are engaging and easy to understand.

What’s inside: Each of their kits consists of unique project supplies related to a subject and its step-by-step photo instructions. Alongside project items, there is also a book and a keepsake item in the box.

Price: Per month subscription charges are $24.95.

18. Little Passports

It is a monthly educational subscription box for kids. Items are different for different age groups so that the child learns according to his intellect. The box is designed on themes of passport and also sends different maps for a separate box. Every month the items are selected according to a new educational idea.

What’s inside: The box is filled with different educational toys, activities, maps, collectibles each month, and a themed bag in the first month only.

Price: It starts at $12.90 per month.

19. Minecraft chest

Minecraft’s chest is a monthly subscription designed exclusively for the Minecraft game fans.

What’s inside: It contains different t-shirts, squishes, and collectibles with a bonus mystery item related to the game.

Price: $20.00 per month + shipping and applicable taxes.

20. Groovy Lab

Groovy lab subscription box theme is on STEM learning projects. They provide tools and equipment to perform hands-on experiments related to Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology. The project ignites the child’s learning curiosity and makes his mind open to different phenomena. Groovy lab boxes can also be shipped internationally.

What’s inside: In the box, it has experiment-related items, tools, lab notebook, engineering design challenge, and much more.

Price: $29.95 per month plus free shipping all over the USA.

21. Disney Premier Pack

It is a Disney-themed subscription pack to take your child into his fantasies of the Disney world. The items are selected in a way that they could provide engaging and fun-filled childhood experiences.

What’s inside: In your monthly box, you will get three hardcover Disney storybooks, three sheets of a sticker, collectibles, activity items, and instructions.

Price: $19.99 per month plus $3.99 delivery charges.

22. Bookroo

Bookroo is a book club for kids that provide exciting and knowledge-oriented books. Their goal is to develop reading habits at an early age, with fun learning. They offer different types of boxes with books according to the age group. You can easily choose the box of your choice and plan your monthly subscription.

What’s inside: There are 2 to 3 age-appropriate books and hidden collectibles.

Price: It starts from $16.95 per month plus $4.99 for shipping.

23. Say it With a Sock

Say it with a sock sends out a monthly subscription box full of fun sock pairs. The company designs socks over different ideas and themes, which are fun and appealing for kids as well as adults. You can select your style, graphic, or pattern, and the box will be delivered right at your doorstep each month.

What’s inside: A sock pair.

Price: Price starts at $12.99 per month for one pair.

24. Kidstir

Kidstir creates cooking kits for children who are into learning cooking skills. Each month they send out their box full of different healthy recipes and fun cooking tools so that kids could enjoy a different meal every time along with learning cooking skills. You will receive the shopping list by email before the box arrives so you can shop the ingredients beforehand.

What’s inside: The box contains different yummy recipes, creative activities, and handy cooking tools.

Price: $24.99 per month.

25. Toybox monthly

Toybox monthly is a licensed toy subscription that focuses on kids of age group 4 to 8.they have separately designed boxes for boys and girls, or you can buy a mixed one. Item selected are fun to play with and also work on the learning aspect.

What’s inside: In the box, you will get the latest and hard to find toys from different brands like Disney, LOL, Marvel, LEGO, DC Comics, and Funko.

Price: $25.00 per month, including shipping.

26. TeeBlox

Teeblox is a specially designed box for the geek inside you. They pick items related to the theme of specific games and superheroes. There 3 different types of boxes you can choose from like GamerBlox, SuperheroBlox, movies&tvBlox.

What’s inside: The box will be delivered each month, including branded themed T-shirts, posters, goodies like comic books, keychains, and stickers inside it.

Price: $19.99 per month exclusive of shipping charges.

27. Foot Cardigan

Foot cardigan provides the service of socks subscription with awesome and stylish designs. They have a variety of designs and styles of socks in every size for both men and women. You just have to pick your size, style, and plan, and your box will be right on the way.

What’s inside: You will get a random pair of socks with fantastic quality and vibrant design.

Price: It starts from $11.00 per month with free shipping.

28. Pipsticks Kid’s Club

A perfect way for engaging a child into learning is with fun activities along with it. Pipsticks kids club provides a solution to that with its monthly box subscription, which has fun items for kids in it.

What’s inside: The box contains 7 to 15 sheets of fun stickers, a coloring postcard, a Reusable holographic pouch, an Activity booklet, a ticket to subscriber raffle, 5% off in our online shop, Access to the Sticker Club Facebook group, Exclusive coupons and printables.

Price: The price range starts from $11.95 per month with free shipping.

29. Quip for Kids

Quip provides an electric toothbrush for kids above 3 for their oral hygiene. They also offer a refill plan for maintenance of toothbrushes that would be sent after every three months. You can select between the products you want to get in your box.

What’s inside: The subscription package contains Kids brush head, battery, and a large watermelon toothpaste.

Price: $5 for Small brush head and battery, $5 for large watermelon toothpaste with free shipping.

30. BookCase. Club

A bookcase club, the monthly subscription box, provides books for the kids. They specially design the box separately for boys and girls according to the interest and cater to different age groups with different boxes. Books are picked out carefully so that it could help in learning and develop a habit.

What’s inside: Three handpicked pictures or activity books.

Price: $9.99 plus $5 Shipping Per Month.

31. Brickbox

Brick box deals with Mystery Box filled with BRICK-related products that could engage you in the fun of building miniatures. You can choose between the Brick box and brick box mini according to your choice. You just have to pick your plan, and by the 21st of the month, you will receive your pack with amazing products inside to build. Also, there is free shipping on their 12 months prepay plan.

What’s inside: Each BrickBox contains a buildable set or two, a Minifigure or two, and other cool treasures and pieces to expand your collection.

Price: $26.99 for box plus $4.99 shipping per month.

32. LitJoy Crate

LitJoy Crate is a book box subscription company that sends out boxes filled with different themed books for kids and adults. Every item in the crate is inspired by books and characters of some fiction or movie. You can also send a single LitJoy Crate as a gift to your friend.

What’s inside: The crate contains books and its related collectibles.

Price: $89.97 for three months plus shipping

33. Strong Selfie

Strong selfie is a girl-oriented subscription box. Its primary focus is to maintain yourself as a strong person and remain positive in life. You can get a one-time box as well as seasonal membership.

What’s inside: Each month the box contains different Girls’ accessories like a purse, jewelry, bag, jackets, cosmetics, shirts, bottles, cap, and much more.

Price: $64.00 a box for on time, $54.00 per season on membership

34. Panda Pals

Panda Pals is a unique and colorful socks subscription box for Kids. There are socks for kids for the age group of 3 to 8 years old. The socks are designed with quality products and have different animated characters and patterns on it.

What’s inside: Inside the box, you will get two pairs of fun socks plus a mystery prize.

Price: The prices start at $15 per month with free shipping.

35. Rockets of Awesome

Rocket of awesome provides cool and stylish kids clothes monthly through their subscription box. You have to take a style quiz on their website according to your child’s preferences, and they will send you an email with product details before shipping. Once you get the box and try clothes on your kids, you can keep the ones you like and pay only for them and return the others.

What’s inside: The box will contain eight items consisting of shirts and bottoms from the selected style.

Price: $20 fee per season’s styling. Full box values $150.Pay for items you keep. Free shipping and returns.

Wrap Up

We tried to cover each best kid’s subscription club so our readers will choose any of them easily. If you like any other kids club and that one is not mentioned in our list. Then comment below or contact us, we will review and update the article to provide more products to our readers!!!

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