Urban Detox Club

Welcome to the all-new look Urban Detox Club website. We strive to help you find that happy balance between healthy and having a life. Our food-based detoxes help you make small shifts that stick. You will feel better, look better and live better.

You really can EAT tons of absolutely delicious food the entire time. Just make sure it's all natural, wholesome food and absolutely, definitely NO processed foods or drinks containing any artificial additives of any kind. That kind of rules out most of what you can buy in the supermarkets and food stores, but who cares about making them more profits?

Your health is more important than profits!

No Quick Fix

UDC is not about quick fixes or fast results. You will get the tools and knowledge (and recipes) to create a long LASTING healthy lifestyle that will serve you forever.

You can work, exercise, and have a social life on our cleanse.

Dying for a Starbucks latte?
Your coach is just a text or email away to talk you out of it.
Have a headache? Your coach is there to help.

Juicing for Health

Primarily juice and liquid based, this detox method can create a cleansed inner digestive system for your body that it needs and wants. However, don't get hung up on the idea that juicing is the be-all and end-all of healthy dieting and nutrition intake.

While juicing serves a purpose, most juice-based cleanses last just a few days and don't equip you to make long-term lifestyle changes. Jumping into a juice cleanse can be a shock to your system and cause intense fatigue which can interrupt your work, fitness and social engagements.

For what you paid for that juice, it should be able to talk. But it doesn't.

Food is Medicine

Whether you realize it or not, the food you eat can either be an amazing form of medicinal benefit to your health or it can be a toxic fast-track to an early grave. Here's a simple A-B test to see roughly which direction your diet is heading.

A-B Test Results

If your diet is primarily made up of the things in the "A" test, chances are you are relatively healthy, rarely suffer from any illness and feel well with plenty of energy. You should expect to live a longer, healthier life than is considered average and your weight will tend to be within acceptable limits for your height and build.

If your diet is primarily focused on the "B" test, you're in the fast lane to obesity, diabetes and a shorter-than-average life beset with a variety of debilitating medical conditions. If you're compounding the problems associated with that terrible diet by smoking and drinking excess alcohol regularly, you either have a death wish or you should go see your doctor or medical expert and get some heart-felt advice before it's too late.

Not too late? Great! The chances are that even several years of bad diet and unhealthy lifestyle can be brought under control and the damaging effects undone to a certain extent by detoxifying your body and weaning yourself off the oxymoron you call a "lifestyle" to switch to a healthy alternative.