Are you looking for the chocolate of the month club? Then you are in the very right place. We are mentioning each box including dark, dry & nits chocolate bars.

Chocolates are the most gifted product in the world to loved ones. Whatever your age is, you must try once. Most of the time chocolates help to refresh your mood. So, try to eat a choco bar once a day.

This is a blessing if you get the different choco bars each month at your doorstep with different tastes. Like white, dark, almond, and nuts choco bars are available in the different chocolate subscription boxes. You may find the best one for you.

Below mentioned best chocolate subscription boxes are delivered through mail orders. You just need to order them online and you will get a subscription. Some are cheap and some are the most expensive ones too.

Chocolate subscription box

Best Monthly Chocolate Subscription Boxes Reviews

Here are the best chocolate boxes that you get on a monthly basis. These are the best chocolates online you can get.

1. Candy Club

Yummiest club for candies on the internet. You can get some amazing candies with your favorite chocolates each month at your doorstep. You can also customize it too.

What’s inside: Candies and chocolate.

Price: $29.99 per month.

Shipping: Within the USA.

2. Jackie’s Chocolate

This is the most perfect chocolate box for the month. You can get some amazing chocolates having toppings of different nuts, cream, and caramels. All are handpicked and each month will be delivered. However, various varieties are available in it like dry, milk, & white chocolate.

What’s inside: Box of handpicked different chocolates.

Price: $9.95 a month.

Shipping: Within the USA & Canada.

3. Bar and Cocoa

Provided by the finest chocolate makers in the world. You can get craft, bean to bar chocolates each month at your doorstep.

What’s inside: 4 chocolate bars.

Price:  $45 per month.

Shipping: Worldwide.

4. Taste of Godiva

Each month you will be provided with different chocolates. You can get Godiva’s best flavors each month but they also mix the box with the new tastes.  All are deserved to taste.  They also provide different plans on the subscription.

What’s inside: Box of small chocolates.

Price:  $25 per month.

Shipping: Within the USA.

5. Chococurb

Get the different types of chocolates, however, you may select which one you liked the most. You will get premium and gourmet chocolate bars.

What’s inside: 5-7 extraordinary chocolate bars.

Price: $20 per month.

Shipping: Worldwide.

6. The Gourmet Chocolate Of The Month Club

Most refined chocolate bars made by the best chocolatiers each month at your doorstep. Each month you will get different bars, not the same one. Therefore, you may find some new taste producers in the chocolatier industry.

What’s inside: Different chocolate bars.

Price: $40.95 per month.

Shipping: Worldwide.

7. Flying Noodle Chocolate Club

This club is from Italy and they send each month some gourmet chocolates. All items are handpicked and dipped in different chocolate syrups. You may find some amazing toppings on them like, caramels, nuts & truffles.

What’s inside: Italian gourmet gifts and chocolates.

Price: $35.95 per month.

Shipping: Worldwide.

8. Standard Cocoa

Do you want the reason behind the chocolates that you received on your doorstep? Then you must have this chocolate box. It will come with different artisans choco bars and also a letter from the chocolatier. In which you will be told the concept of it. You may find some vegan choco bars too.

What’s inside: Artisan chocolates.

Price: $34.95 per month.

Shipping: Within the USA.

9. Dylan’s Candy Bar Box Chocolates

A wide selection of sweets is available in this subscription. They will select handpicked chocolates for you each month and send them to your doorstep.

What’s inside: 4-5 Choco bars.

Price: $76 per month.

Shipping: Within the USA.

10. Mystery Chocolate Box

Most delicious chocolate bars are sent to your doorstep each month. However, when you place an order they also give some chocolates in charity too.

What’s inside: 3 delicious chocolate bars.

Price: $18 per month.

Shipping: Within the USA.

11. Cococlectic

If you love dark chocolate bars then you must need this subscription box. You will receive each month’s bars from American-made the company.

What’s inside: Box of American-made chocolates.

Price: $38.00 per month.

Shipping: Within the USA & Canada.

12. Raaka Chocolates

Love for seasonal chocolates? then subscribe to this one. You may find a note on the story, sourcing, and craftsmanship of the chocolates you received.

What’s inside: Seasonal chocolate bars.

Price: $19.95 for 2 bars or $24.95 for 3.

Shipping: Worldwide.

13. Chocolatier Sweets by Taste Trunk

A piece of chocolate-covered raisins, roasted coconut chocolate caramels, champagne truffles, mint cookie bites with this box. You can be sure you’re going to get a superb mix of high-quality chocolate treats. This box will be the most delicious and artisan with different varieties of chocolates.

What’s inside: Delicious chocolates.

Price: $49 a box.

Shipping: Within the USA.

14. Chocolate and book

You will get a book for the month along with the chocolate bar and hot choco for a drink. You will love to join different book subscription clubs too.

What’s inside: A book & chocolate bar.

Price: £14.99 per month.

Shipping: Worldwide.

15. Chocolate Couriers

You will find the best of the best chocolates each month in your subscription. The company tests the taste before considering the bar into its subscription program. You find major bars dark one but you also found some normal chocolates too. You may not found these bars in local departmental stores.

What’s inside: Dark and normal chocolate bars.

Price: $25.00 per month.

Shipping: Within the USA & Canada.

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Our Top Picks of Chocolate Boxes

1. Candy Club

Get amazing chocolates with candies straight to your doorstep each month.

2. Jackie’s Chocolate

Get multiple bars of chocolates of different tastes, like dry, milk, dark, and more.

3. Chococurb

High-quality premium and gourmet chocolate bars with amazing tastes.

Tell us in the comment section which chocolate subscription box is your favorite and why? It will help our readers to explore more chocolate bars.

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