You love crafting and art, but hate to figure out what supplies you need for a project. An art subscription box is a viable solution to do stuff like a painting. Each month, you will get to try some new and exciting quality products that are meant to inspire your craft and art obsession.

It is a perfect way to explore new ways of painting, sketching, creating, crafting, and learn some new techniques and tips. These monthly art boxes designed in a manner that can all enjoy; from artists to adults and including kids.

We have pinned down the best Art subscription boxes that help to polish or nourish your artistic skills.

best monthly art subscription boxes

Best Monthly Art Subscription Boxes Reviews

Below is the list of all art monthly clubs, which are best for your kids.

1. Sketch Box

It is a monthly art subscription box service to empower artists. They are currently offering two boxes: Basic Box and A Premium box. A premium box includes higher quality material. They are now shipping to more than 15 countries.

What’s include: A box contains 4-9 hand-selected art supplies (Copic markers, pen pastels, colored pencils, and more). Piece of art and an information card with a list of products on it and the reason why they picked these items.

Price: Basic box starts at $25 a month and premium box $35 plus shipping.

2. ArtSnacks

This art box provides the best art products you will need to create a masterpiece. Every month, subscribers get to discover new products, limited-edition tools, exclusive supplies, and useful techniques. Besides, they provide an opportunity to share your work with the ArtSnacks community.

What’s inside: 4-5 full-size premium products and a card that describes each product and new techniques.

Price: $24 a month

3. Paletteful Packs

An art subscription box that adults and kids can both enjoy. You have to pick a subscription length (1-month, 3-months, 6-months, and annual) and a box. They are offering three different boxes (Premier Paletteful Pack, Paletteful petite Pack, and Young Artist) so you can choose according to your preferences. They curated the box that is ideal for both beginners and professionals.

What’s inside: Each month you will get to try a variety of products from pens to paint and a selection of art supplies.

Price: starts at $24.95. It is mostly based on the box you choose.

4. Adults & Crafts

A monthly subscription box that will help you to polish or learn a new craft skill. The box contains everything you need to create exceptional products like wine caddies, candles, clock making, and much more. Adults & Crafts allows you to skip a month or cancel your subscription anytime.

What’s inside: Each box come with tools, material, accessories, and instructions that require to create the trendiest crafts

Price: $33.00 per month plus $6.95 shipping

5. Smart Art

This art subscription club helps you to boost your creativity. Each month you will get a new project and related supplies. With each project, you get to learn some new techniques and skills. Choose your subscription plan: one-month, quarterly, or semi-annually, and the box will be shipped to your doorstep at the first of every month. With a smart art box, you can earn some peacock points and use these points to get an exceptional reward.

What’s inside: You will receive 4-8 curated art supplies like watercolors, pencils, brushes, and a six-step art project.

Price: $45.95 per month

6. The Inky Box

Triggers your letter obsession becomes now possible and easy for all. Something that differentiates inky box from other art supplies box is every item in the box is chosen deliberately to be perfect for hand lettering. They offer two subscription programs: the Inky box and the Inky box mini. The mini box contains fewer items but the same quality products. To learn how to use the products, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel. The subscription will be auto-renewed every month.

What’s inside: Each month you will receive a curated box with art supplies lettering tools, hand-lettered greeting cards, and downloadable practice sheets.

Price:  start at $14.99 per month

7. Home Made Luxe

A monthly craft subscription box that delivers gorgeous, blogger-designed, Pinterest-inspired projects. Each month a box comes with different yet easy craft projects that you can craft alone. Pick from their different subscription options: monthly, 3-months, 6 – months, or annual. A homemade luxe kit is an excellent gift for a crafty friend or a perfect way to keep the kids busy.

What’s inside: A kit contains products that you will need to complete the DIY craft project and detailed video instructions. The number of items in the box varies from project to project.

Price: $39.99 a month. Free shipping in the US.

8. Maker Crate by KIWICO

A fun craft kit designed for teens and beyond. Their idea is to help children explore new art designs and tools and give them the confidence to convert their artistic dream to create realities. Former educators and child development professionals design each crate. They are currently shipping to more than 35+ countries, and shipment is free in the US.

What’s inside: Each kit comes with easy and unique projects, high-quality materials, easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, and subscribers get to learn some new techniques as well.

Price: starts at $29.95 a month.

9. SCRIBEdelivery

It is a monthly stationery subscription box that delivers you high-quality products at your doorstep. Choose your subscription box from the different options they offer. Each month, they curate a new collection based on a theme or concept.  There exceptional and unique products motivate you to put pen to paper. SCRIBEdelivery gives you the liberty to skip a month when you do not want the kit and can cancel your subscription at any time.

What’s inside: You will receive a box containing pens, notebooks, and pencils that are meant to inspire you.

Price: $29 a month. Shipping is free.

10. Knitcrate

As the name suggests, this is the monthly subscription box for knitters and crocheters. They offer four different subscription options: Sock Crate, Membership Crate, Malabrigo Partner Crate, and Mrs. Crosby’s travels partner crate. With their color vibe option, you can choose the color family you want: energize, chill, and neutral. They are shipping worldwide.

What’s inside: Light, soft and quality yarn, a booklet with exclusive knit and crochet patterns and extras such as stitch marker or a tape measure.

Price: starts at $19.95 per month

11. Doodle Crate

It is an art subscription box designed for young kids aged 9 – 16. The aim is to help kids to discover their new side, develop leadership qualities, and provide an opportunity to express themselves creatively. There are different subscription plan available: monthly, 3-months, 6-months, and annual. They sell eight separate product lines aimed at the diverse age group. It can be a wonderful gift for kids.

What’s inside: Each kit comes with a different challenge, and a product requires to complete the challenge.

Price: start from $11.97 a month

12. Well Inked Box

This art box company delivers creative, unique, inspiring supplies to your doorsteps. Their mission is to inspire people to step out of the digital world. A perfect subscription box that like or do creative journaling.

What’s inside: You will get 3-4 quality products: pens, a notebook, pencils and more.

Price: $19.82 per month

13. Pop Shop America

Subscribe to pop shop America and learn some easy and creative DIYs. You will be given options to choose from: craft in style (a box offer DIY projects) and adult coloring monthly subscription. Both boxes come with a different theme every month. The monthly projects range from acrylic paint pouring, watercolor, DIY planter boxes, calligraphy, and much more. Pop shop America revealed all the products before shipping if you do not like the kit you can either exchange it or can skip a month.

What’s inside: Each month a box includes new and multiple projects, easy to follow instructions.

Price: $30.00 a month

14. We Craft Box

A monthly art subscription box exclusively curated for kids aged between 3-9. Each month, a box comes with a unique and different theme. Two kids can easily share a crate. Pick your subscription plan and the box will be delivered on the first of every month. We craft boxes that can be an excellent gift for kids.

What’s inside:: You will find 2-3 crafts, photos with instructions, and art supplies like markers, pastels, and magic nuudles except for scissors.

Price: $25.00 a month

15. Indigo Artbox

It is a beautiful art subscription box, ideal for artists of all levels. Each month you will receive a kit with art supplies, an art project, and videos related to art history and guidance. All the projects are challenging and educational, a perfect way to learns new things. After subscribing to indigo Artbox, the plans auto-renews themselves every month.

What’s inside: Each box comes with 5+ hand-curated, full-size, quality products, and art projects with instructions and guidance videos.

Price: $29.99 per month

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We tried to cover each best food club boxes so our readers will choose any of them easily. If you like any other food clubs and that one is not mentioned in our list. Then comment below or contact us, we will review and update the article to provide more products to our readers!!!

You will also want to know about monthly craft subscription boxes so you will stay healthy and fit.

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