A growing number of restaurants provide gluten-free menu options, yet many customers are still uncertain about what may safely be consumed at these establishments. This blog post will explore the gluten-free menu at Panda Express and reveal the items that are available to be ordered.

Because of the numerous health advantages, everyone is interested in increasing the gluten-free foods they consume.

Panda Express History

The American restaurant chain outlets are known as Panda Express throughout the United States of America. Panda Express is known for offering Americanized versions of Chinese cuisine.

Over 2,200 Panda Express restaurants may be found across North America and a few sites in Asia and the Middle East. Panda Express is the most successful chain of Asian dining establishments in the United States, with over 2,200 locations.

Beijing beef, Orange chicken, Teriyaki tastes, and many more options are some of the most well-known dishes served at fast-food Asian restaurants. In addition, they provide a selection of other sides, such as fried rice, egg rolls, chow mein, and Rangoon.

Panda Express Gluten-Free Menu 2024


At Panda Express, there are many kinds of rice without wheat or gluten in their components.

• Brown Steamed Rice
• White Steamed Rice


These are the several sauce options available at Panda Express that do not include any wheat or gluten-containing components.

• Sweet & Sour Sauce
• Chili Sauce
• Hot Mustard
• Plum Sauce


• Barq’s Root Beer
• Black Tea
• Cherry Coca-Cola
• Coca-Cola
• Coca-Cola Zero Sugar
• Diet Coke
• Dr. Pepper
• Fanta Fruit Punch
• Fanta Orange
• Fanta Strawberry
• Fuze Lemon Black Tea
• Fuze Raspberry Tea
• Vitamin Water Squeezed Zero
• Gold Peak Unsweetened Tea
• Hi-C Flashin Fruit Punch
• Lemon Green Tea
• Minute Maid Lemonade
• Minute Maid Light Lemonade
• Sweet Tea
• Passionfruit Mango Black Tea
• Powerade Fruit Punch
• Sprite
• Powerade Mountain Berry Blast
• Seagram’s Ginger Ale
• Sweet Tea
• Sprite Zero

Things to Stay Away From at Panda Express

All of these things either already hold gluten or have a very high chance of becoming contaminated with gluten:

  • Wheat is included in the menu’s beef, chicken, shrimp, and vegetable selections.
  • Wheat may be found in super greens and fried rice.

Expert Advice on Gluten-Free Options at Panda Express

  • Whenever you place an order at a shop or through an app, mention that you have a food allergy or Celiac Disease.
  • Limited choices are available at Panda Express. Rice and various sauces are the only foods that are safe to eat.
  • In the Find Me Gluten Free app, there are just a few mentions of Panda Express. All of the reviews are negative, and they all express their dissatisfaction with the lack of alternatives.
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