Are you too busy to go out and find the perfect products and items you like or want hassle-free shopping and love to try on some new things but hate searching about it?

Then the subscription box is the answer. With subscription boxes, you will deliver all the products you like at affordable prices and get a chance to explore new and exciting products.

We have covered all the best subscription box for men from stylist-picked apparels to designer scents, artisan crafts to books, crafted beer to curated cigars, fishing to hiking & camping gear, healthy meals to fitness items, grooming to lifestyle products.

best subscription boxes for men

Best Monthly Subscription Boxes For Men Reviews

Below is the complete list of all possible and top are providing monthly boxes for men, explore and find any of them.

1. Breo Box

Breo Box is a lifestyle subscription box that delivers unique and high-quality products and the coolest gadgets at your door. Currently, they are offering two subscription plans: seasonal and annual. Also, you will get a fantastic discount on all products as well as provide a gift option too.

What’s inside: You will receive a hand-curated box that includes 5-8 products, assorted fitness, home essentials, and the latest technology.

Price: $159 per quarter

2. Trunk Club

They offer a personal clothing styling subscription service where you only have to pay for what you keep. Each week, the Trunk club sends a box with high-quality outfits picked by a stylist, and it’s up to you which item to keep and send them back the items you do not want. There are no shipping charges.

What’s inside:  A box comes with several outfits recommended by a stylist.

Price: $25 styling fee.

3. Gainful

It is a customized protein powder subscription box. They ask you a few questions about height, weight, and dietary preferences and recommend a perfect protein blend for you. As the mix is flavorless, they offer a variety of flavors to choose from. With a Gainful subscription, you will get the advantage of consults with a registered dietitian and discuss your fitness plan and ask about other fitness concerns.

What’s inside: A personalized protein blend with your favorite flavors.

Price: $45 per month

4. Mistobox

It is a subscription box for a coffee lover. They give you the liberty to choose your coffee, or they will arrange it for you.  With Mistobox subscription, you will get to discover a variety of coffees. They are currently working with over 50 artisan coffee roasters featured 500+ coffees.

What’s inside: 12-ounce bag of fresh-roasted coffee that perfectly matches your taste

Price: Starts at $10.95 plus shipping

5. Menlo Club

It is a monthly apparel subscription box. After filling out a quiz regarding your style and preferences, you will receive a box of high-quality casual apparel. They collaborated with different brands from time to time to give their subscribers unique and different products.  

What’s inside: You will receive a box containing 4-5 apparel worth $120.

Price: $60 a month

6. Under Armour Box

Under Armour is a subscription box that delivers gym apparel and accessories.  After signing in, they ask you a few questions about your fitness goals and send you 4-6 items selected by stylist “Under-Armour official outfitter”. You can decide which things to keep and which to send them back. They will only charge for the products you keep.

What’s inside: Each month, you will get a package to contain 4-6 gym accessories and outfits.

Price: $150 per quarter.

7. Sprezzabox’s

With Sprezzabox’s subscription, you will get decent and trendy clothing and accessories items without even breaking your bank. After picking your subscription program, you have to choose from several options of hand-curated goods, and they delivered the box to your door. Plus, they offer a wide range of products for the groom and groomsmen with customized boxes, pricing, and advice.

What’s inside: A box usually features watches, ties, sunglasses, wallets, socks, flasks, and more.

Price: $28 a month

8. Dollar Shave Club

It is a subscription service that offers razors and personal grooming products to its subscribers. After describing your preference, they will curate a box with products that match your needs. With the Doller Shave Club subscription, you will be given the liberty to remove or add the products to the kit. Besides, they also offer a different trail kit that helps you to try some new and amazing products.

What’s inside: Four-piece shave set that you need to get a smooth and delightful shave.

Price: starts at $9 a month.

9. Sports Crate

It is a subscription service that delivers sports apparel, collectibles, accessories, and much more. For a subscription, you have to pick a box (MLB Diamond Crate or NBA Courtside Crate) and your favorite team. They offer three subscription programs to choose from: bi-monthly, half-year, and yearly subscription. Also, they offer special discounts on limited boxes.

What’s inside: Every month, the box comes with 5-7 team-specific restricted edition items.

Price: $29.99 per month

10. Say It with a Sock

It is a sock subscription box. Each month, they deliver you curated, premium quality, unique pattern socks at your doorstep. They offer subscription plans for different times (monthly, 6-months, and annual). You can upgrade or cancel your subscription at any time. They provide free shipping worldwide.

What’s inside: Every month, you will receive a soft and cozy pair of socks.

Price: start at $12.99 a month

11. Stitch Fix Men

It is a clothing subscription box for men. The thing that differentiates stitch fix from other clothing subscription services is your order can be designed on demand and can easily change your styles with seasons. To subscribe, you have to fill out a quiz and hand-pick stylish clothes with your style and preferences in mind.

What’s inside: The box comes with five pieces of apparel according to your preferences and style.

Price: vary from $20-$600

12. Gentlemen’s Box

It is a premium subscription box for men that offers essentials from grooming items to style accessories. Each box is beautifully crafted with a unique theme and contains high-quality and branded products. You can choose from the different subscription plans (monthly or quarterly) at your convenience.

What’s inside: You will receive 4-6 fashion and lifestyle accessories.

Price: $29 a month

13. Styled by PacSun

Get exclusive and branded outfits with a styled subscription. The PacSun stylist curated a package with all the trendy and classical items. You have to choose from the 3 subscription plans they offer and get ready to receive your package.

What’s inside: The box revolves around 4-7 items from best-selling brands.

Price: starts at $60 every three months.

14. Birchbox Man

A subscription box where you get all types of grooming products from beard & shave supplies to hairstyling essentials. After completing the form about your liking and preferences, they deliver the curated box with all the right products at your door. You can upgrade Birchbox to Birchbox plus for an additional $10 a month and receive cool gadgets, stylish accessories, or handy tools.

What’s inside: You will receive five grooming essentials like beard wash, aftershave, shave oil, and much more.

Price: $10 a month

15. Fan Chest

It is a subscription box design for sports fans. Each month you will receive your favorite team-theme-based box with all the sport goodies. They collaborated with the different renowned brands so you can get a variety of products.

What’s inside: The box assorted with 5-6 hand-picked quality items such as memorabilia, apparel, headwear, flags drinkware, and other goodies.

Price: starts at $59.00

16. Short Par 4

Short Par is a monthly golf subscription box. For subscriptions, you have to choose from different member choices they offer and fill out a quiz in which you asked about your style and preferences. Their stylist picked out the best product from the famous golf apparel brand and delivered you on the 20th of every month.

What’s inside: You will get quality apparel items picked by the stylist.

Price: $49.95 a month

17. Freshly

It is a single meal subscription box that delivers fresh, healthy, chemical and preservative-free meals at your doorstep. They have a menu that rotates around 30+ recipes. Furthermore, they also accommodate dietary preferences and provide gluten and peanuts-free meals.

What’s inside: A thoroughly prepared fresh meal that maximum takes 3 minutes to heat up.

Price: start at $49.99 for four meals a week.

18. Scentbird Men

It is the scent subscription service with the idea that you do not have to stick to one single bottle for years or waste hundreds of dollars trying out various scents. Each month, you will get a chance to explore over 150 designer fragrances. Pick out the favorite one and get delivered to your doorstep. Besides perfume, they also offer skincare and wellness products.

What’s inside: The box comes with an 8ml bottle of your favorite designer fragrance.

Price: $14.95 per month

19. Cairn

It is an outdoor subscription box that delivers top-quality hiking, travel and camping gear monthly. Also, they provide a service where you can repair or sell your old equipment. You can subscribe to any of the given plans: one-month, 3-months, 6-months, or annual. They give you a chance to earn reward points by reviewing the new gear and receive free boxes.

What’s inside: You will get expertly curated full-size outdoor products like bags, water bottles, apparel, and more.

Price: $29.95 a month

20. The Beard Club

The beard club delivers a vast range of beard products from grooming essentials to accelerators at affordable prices. You can choose from their popular kit or can create your own kit with the products you like. The bread club provides excellent services, quality products, and fast shipping. They will never disappoint you.

What’s inside: You will get beard oil, balms, comb, hair and beard trimmer, growth vitamins, and more.

Price: starts at $59

21. Postmark’d Studio

It is a premium stationery subscription service with an aim to revive letter writing. They provide different theme boxes; you can choose the one you want and get delivered greeting cards, postage, notepad, and more. It can be an outstanding gift for some who love to write, gathering cards, and letters.

What’s inside: The package contains theme-based handcrafted artisanal cards, postage, and an artsy doodad.

Price: starts at $20 a box

22. Ozone Sock Club

Get trendy and fashionable socks each month with an Ozone sock club subscription. You will get to choose from a 6-month or 12-months subscription plan and receive an extra pair of socks too. They deliver your package during the last two weeks of the month. Their subscription plan does not auto-renew itself, so you have to submit a new order.

What’s inside? Six pairs of awesome crew socks and get an extra pair by signing up.

Price: $75 for 6-months

23. Drift Away Coffee

It is a coffee subscription box that helps you discover new and unique tastes. Before subscription, they will send you the tasting kit with four different coffee samples. Review the tasting kit and get shipped the freshly roasted coffee beans that perfectly match your taste.

What’s inside: You will get a full-size coffee bean bag that you liked from your initial shipment.

Price: starts at $44

24. Watch Gang

It is a watch subscription service that provides a wide variety of unusual and classic watches. Every month, a new watch added to your collection. They offer three different tiers you can choose from Original, Black, and Platinum. The best feature, you automatically registered for a chance to win Rolex, TAG, and Seiko every week.

What’s inside: You will receive a watch that perfectly matches your style and personality.

Price: starts at $49.99 a month

25. Green Chef

A meal subscription box that delivers healthy and fresh ingredients to your doorstep. For a subscription, you have to create an account and select your dietary preferences. They give you the liberty to change your preferences, skip a week, and cancel your subscription anytime.

What’s inside: You will get fresh and pre-measured ingredients of the specific recipe you choose, a recipe card with easy to follow the instruction written on it.

Price: $9.99 per meal (mainly based on the plan you choose).

26. Bespoke Post

A subscription box that provides a lifestyle and commerce service. Every month, they released several numbers of boxes curated around different themes. You have to preview the boxes online, can easily add or remove items, and get shipped the box you liked. As well, you can purchase more than two boxes a month.

What’s inside: The box contains different products, from apparel to grooming kits and tools.

Price: $45 per box

27. BattlBox

BattlBox provides high-quality outdoor, EDC, survival, and other gear to their customer who loves camping and hiking. They offer several packages and box sizes, pick the box as per your requirement and get shipped the table at your door.  You can easily upgrade or cancel your subscription anytime.

What’s inside: The box contains hand-picked outdoor gear, emergency supplies, survival equipment, and manuals.

Price: Starts at $29.99 per month

28. Lucky Tackle Box

It is the most famous fishing subscription box that introduces you to the new and handy equipment. They will ask about your favorite fish species, subscription plan; moreover, you can choose the box size you need and have the box shipped within a week. Also, they upload a video every week that teaches how to catch more fish.

What’s inside: High-quality baits, lure, tackles, and monthly magazine features, tips, techniques, and pro-angle advice.

Price: $26.99

29. Beach

Beach delivers coastal style causal and trendy clothes at your doorstep. Each season, you will get a curated box of coast-inspired high-quality outfits from the top brands. The retails value of all the products is $180+, but with Beachly, you can save up to 50%.

What’s inside: The box contains 4-5 products such as tees, shorts, sandals, a hat, and other goodies.

Price: $99 for three months plus $4.95 shipping charges.

30. Craft Beer Club

Craft beer club provides the best selection of premium craft beers. The artisan and craft brewer uses traditional brewing ingredients and techniques to create an exceptional brew for their customers. You get to select how often you want: monthly, after 2-months, or quarterly.

What’s inside: You will get 12 beers, four different styles with three beers of each style, two different breweries, and magazine feature crafty brewery and different recipes.

Price: $43 per month

31. Sketchbox

A monthly art subscription box to help polish your creative side. With a sketch box subscription, you will get to explore some new and unique products that elevate your sketching skills. Their service is available in over 15 countries.

What’s inside: 4-9 hand-picked art supplies such as Copic markers, pencils, and more, an information card with details related to all the products, and a piece of art.

Price: starts at $25 a month. Free shipping in the US.

32. Butcher Box

It is a meat-based subscription service that delivers high-quality meat. You can choose from various options they offer. The boxes come in two different sizes: classical box and big box, you can pick what suits you more. Besides, butcher box lets to create your table from their curated mixes of beef, pork & chicken, or they will curate it for you.

What’s inside: The boxes come with 8-10lb meat.

Price: starts at $129 a month

33. The Era of EDM Crate

The Era of EDM is a lifestyle-inspired subscription box. Pick your box and ready to get delivered branded apparel and accessories that you can use at the shows and in routine life too. You can save money by subscribing to more extended subscription plans.

What’s inside: Each month you will receive, 4-6 hand-picked items revolve around shirts, hats, accessories like a fanny pack, socks, and cool gadgets.

Price: $40.00 per month

34. Winc

It is a wine subscription company that hand-select the best and delicious wine for its customers. You will have to take a one-minute quiz in which they asked about your taste and preferences. The best thing about Winc is if you do not like the bottle, you do not have to pay for it. Also, they offer $20 off on your first box.

What’s inside: You will get four delicious wines according to your taste.

Price: $39 a month

35. Urthbox

It is a snack subscription service that delivers healthy and GMO-free snacks at your door every month. They have a vast range of products to offer and also accommodates gluten-free, vegan, classical, and diet-box. You can earn some generous discounts and coupons by just signing up for Urthbox.

What’s inside: The box comes with snacks from different brands and beverages.

Price: starts at $9 per month

36. Loot Crate

Loot Crate is a subscription box for gamers and nerds. They offer several crates under the main four crate categories. Pick your favorite box and get delivered the exclusive and limited edition items to your doorstep. Loot crate surprises you each month with a unique theme package. Also, the student can get a special discount of 15% by simply registered with student bean.

What’s inside: The shipment includes a t-shirt, over four pop-culture items, collectibles, and figures.

Price: $24.99 per month

37. SaloonBox

The company provides a cocktail subscription service. With a saloon box subscription, you will get to discover some new and refreshing drinks curated by their best bartenders. You can select to get a 3-month subscription plan, 6-month, or 12-month plan. The shipment plan automatically renews, but you can simply cancel your subscription at any time.

What’s inside: The kit contains four cocktails, two recipes, spirits, ingredients, and a recipe card, and they might surprise you with a free bar tool.

Price: $53 a month

38. HelloFresh

It is a food subscription service that provides you fresh ingredients to create a delicious meal. Every week they offer 20 delicious recipes you have to select from. You can build your plan based on your likings.

What’s inside: The box includes the ingredients of your chosen recipe, an instruction card, and a new apron.

Price: $8.99 per serving

39. Adults & Crafts

It is a monthly art and craft subscription box designed for adults too. Each month, the kit features a new and engaging craft that helps to boost your creativity, and you get to learn some new and useful techniques. Choose your subscription plan to get deliveries every 3, 6, or 12 months.

What’s inside: The package comes with all the essential items that you will need to create the trendiest craft.

Price: $33.00 per month

40. Book of the Month Club

It is a subscription service for readers. The club will help you choose the best book around. Each month, you have to choose one book or more from the five worth reading books they suggest and ship to your doorstep. You can easily skip a month when you do not want deliveries.

What’s inside: The box comes with a book you select.

Price: $14.99 a month

41. Grill Master’s Club

It is barbeque subscription services that provide a premium quality product that you will need for a perfect barbeque. Each product is carefully chosen by a certified BBQ pitmaster so that the customer can get the best outcome from all over the world. Their subscription plans vary from one month to the annual plan.

What’s inside: The box contains BBQ sauce, BBQ rubs, grilling accessories,  delicious recipes, cooking tips, a discount code, and details about each product.

Price: $29.99 a month

42. Disney Backstage Collection

It is a monthly subscription box from Walt Disney Company for Disney-lover adults who admire the Walt Disney studio’s legacy. Every month you will receive a variety of unique and limited edition items. They offer three different subscription plans: one-month, three-months, and annual.

What’s inside: The shipment includes limited-edition T-shirts, collectible pins, behind-the-scenes story cards, and surprise items.

Price: Starts at $35 a month

43. Bombfell

Bombfell is a clothing subscription service. They deliver the hand-picked branded clothes by their stylist, and you have seven days to try on all the outfits. You only get charged for the item you keep and send them back the rest of the things.

What’s inside: The box contains different outfits based on your style picked by experts.

Price: $20 styling fee

44. Frank and Oak Style Plan

A clothing subscription box that never lets you go out of style. For subscription, fill out a questionnaire contain your personal information, your likes, and dislikes, preferences, and budget (how much money you would like to spend on different items). After completion of a form, their stylist picks up a few things and asks your opinion and ships the box after approval.

What’s inside: The box comes with the apparel you choose.

Price: $25 styling fee; price varies per item.

45. Pipsticks

It is a sticker and stationery subscription service. Their pro club is best for teachers, crafters, planners, and sticker lovers. They frequently add new designs in their collections to provide their subscriber with new and different items every time. The subscription plan auto-renew itself every month.

What’s inside: Each month, you will receive a sticker pack with a reusable storage pouch, pippy, and a postcard.  

Price: $11.95 per month

46. Sun Basket

Sun Basket is a food subscription service that delivers fresh and organic food at your step. Each week, you have to pick from 18 different recipes you would like to try, and they ship you the ingredient required for the selected method. Also, they incorporate your dietary preferences, such as gluten-free, soy-free, vegan, and diabetes-friendly diets.

What’s inside: The box comes with fresh ingredients as per your selected plan.

Price: $11.99 per meal

47. Herb box

It is a monthly herb subscription box. You will get to explore new and exclusive herbs with Herbbox. Through their vast array, the curator picks the seasonal herb for you. You have to choose how often you want to get delivered the pot every month, three-months, 6-months, or 12-months.

What’s inside: Each month, you will receive a fresh and unique herb in a cup. 

Price: $11.25 per month

48. Harry’s

With Harry’s subscription, you will get all the grooming products at a very reasonable price. The best feature of Harry’s is they send a free trial kit, and if you like the product, they deliver the box as per your shaving needs. Plus, you can easily make changes to your plan (to add or remove any product).

What’s inside: The box comes with quality blades, a razor handle, shaving cream, travel heads, and other goodies. 

Price: starts at $8 a month 

49. Mantry

Mantry offers meat subscription services specifically for men. Each month is based on a particular theme like barbeque, grilling, or bacon. They offer the subscription plan for a different period: a 2-month plan or annual plan. The box is shipped every 2nd month.

What’s inside: The box comes with 4-6 products according to the theme, an informational card on how to use the products.

Price: $49 for a two-month plan.

50. Southern Cigar Co.

It is a subscription box for a cigar fanatic who loves to discover new flavors without even compromising on taste. Each month, you will receive the hand-curated best cigar in the world. Their subscription service is available worldwide.

What’s inside: The package contains four different cigars, a triple torch lighter, a double guillotine cutter, and a card with the information about cigars written on it.

Price: $37.95 a month

Wrap Up

We tried to cover each best men’s club boxes so our readers will choose any of them easily. If you like any other men’s monthly clubs and that one is not mentioned in our list. Then comment below or contact us, we will review and update the article to provide more products to our readers!!!

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