Love for the tea is un-expressable, this one thing is the best in the world in drinks.

So we are here to help you to find the best tea clubs of 2024 so you will try a good taste of this drink.

In this tremendous listing, you will discover the best tea subscription boxes that you will absolutely love to subscribe to. It is an avid tea drink or someone who definitely loves to drink tea more and more each month. You will find some unique, new, and delicious tea clubs that deliver each month new tastes to your doorstep. Moreover, many like best coffee subscription boxes too but tea boxes make a great addition to regular drinks.

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Best Tea Subscription Boxes Reviews

Below is the complete listing of all the best tea subscription boxes that you will absolutely give a try on this month. So you will taste a better tea sip every day.

1. Sips by

You can tell them your preferences for signing up. They will send you each month up to 4 different teas at your doorstep. The teas are close enough to your taste preferences. All teas are from well-known and new emerging companies that will deserve to try once.

What’s inside: 4 tea flavors.

Price: $15 per month.

Shipping: Selected countries.

2. Teabox

They send you teas that are organically grown and good for your health. The send you tea loose leaves, from which you can make up to 75 cups. Each month they have a unique theme that represents the emerging tea flavors in the market. Some freebies like a postcard, tea info, plant seeds, & bookmarks also included in each tea box.

What’s inside:  5 premium tea loose-leaf.

Price: $29.99 per month.

Shipping: Worldwide.

3. Simple Loose Leaf

They are famous for their amazing tea flavors. You will get tea loose leaf which is pure and easy to blend. All teas are made by some artisan sellers worldwide. This is the cheapest subscription box in the tea market.

What’s inside: 4 loose leaves of teas.

Price: $9 per month.

Shipping: Within the USA & Canada.

4. Plum Deluxe

They specialize in seasonal teas that are organically grown. All teas are organic, fair-trade & loose leaf. Each tea box comes with next month’s tea sample that tells you the flavor you will get next month.

What’s inside: Seasonal tea’s.

Price: $7.50 per month.

Shipping: Within the USA & Canada.

5. Art of Tea

You will get some finest tea bags sachet each month on your doorstep. All these are caffein free and having the finest one. You will enjoy different types of tea each month because they have a huge inventory. Loose leaf and ice tea flavors are also available.

What’s inside: Finest tea bags of different flavors.

Price: $18 a month.

Shipping: Within the USA & Canada.

6. Dollar Tea Club

They have ethically sourced tea along with a wide range of natural flavors. You can get tea filters in each tea box each month. Quantity of tea in the box are made 6 -8 cups. You can also buy compostable tea pouches from the company if you need them. You can also get free honey stix first month.

What’s inside: 3 new loose leaf tea blends.

Price: $1 per month.

Shipping: Within the USA & Canada.

7. Blend Bee

Each month you will get some artisan-made loose-leaf teas. All teas are different for each month and the best thing they created by themselves.

What’s inside: Artisan-made teas.

Price: $20 per month.

Shipping: Within the USA.

8. Tea Sparrow

You’ll receive each month 4 different tea blends from strong to light flavors are available. This company turns its customers most tea lovers and helps them to explore new flavors.

What’s inside: 4 different flavors of tea.

Price: $20 per month.

Shipping: Within the USA & Canada.

9. Tea Box Express

You’ll receive a unique tea as well as other amazing items such as brewing devices, delicious cookies, and chocolate bars to enjoy with your tea.

What’s inside: Tea, cookies, chocolates & much more.

Price: $25.50 per month.

Shipping: Within the USA.

10. Hello Tea

This is totally free of cost subscription box in the world. You will get some amazing 3 different flavors of teas on subscribing up. Each bag has 2 oz weight. You will also get different samples too. After trying the tea, you keep them and send back remaining to Hello Tea. They will charge you those you keep teas or consumes.

What’s inside: 3 different tea 2 oz bag.

Price: Free.

Shipping: Worldwide.

11. Just Add Honey Tea Box

You will get tea box filled with artisan loose leaf teas that bring the taste of the Southern part of the world. They also send you some American-made small honey batches from beekeepers of the USA. All ingredients are collected from different parts of the world to make it more flavorful for tea lovers.

What’s inside: Three 1 oz blended teas.

Price: $29.50 per month.

Shipping: Within the USA & Canada.

12. Simplicity Teas: Tea with Intentions

You’ll receive unique tea infusers that you can use to steep awesome new teas. Those are created having intentions such as weight loss, beauty, detoxification, and even better sleep.

What’s inside: Tea and tea infusers.

Price: $14.99 per month.

Shipping: Within the USA.

13. HOWLinfuse Kombucha

They have a premium version of tea that comes with different flavors each month. All those flavors are handpicked and sourced with organic ingredients. They bring equipment to brew the tea to extend their taste for more time.

What’s inside: Premium tea flavors.

Price: $29 per month.

Shipping: Within the USA & Canada.

14. Alakaban Tea

The best thing about this tea box is that you’ll get 150 grams of one type of special tea. As well as 3 nicely paired spices. If you subscribe to this tea service you will get some amazing surprises each month.

What’s inside: 3 tea bags with spices.

Price: $29.99 per month.

Shipping: Within the USA.

15. TeaTourist

If you have tea lovers in your home and each one is not similar to any other. Then you must need this subscription service. They send you 6 different tea from the famous artisan companies.

What’s inside: 6 tea pouches.

Price: £14.95 per month.

Shipping: Selected countries.

16. Savoy Tea Tasters Club

You will get different tea from the best tea makers in the world. You can also receive a story behind each tea flavor.

What’s inside: 3 teas.

Price: $10 per month.

Shipping: Within the USA.

17. Amoda Tea

Have some loose leaf tea from North American companies? Then you must need this subscription service. They send you different tea flavors along with add-ons like reusable, biodegradable tea filters or a teaspoon. To ensure that you’re experiencing each tea flavor comes with tasting notes and steeping tips to make it the best tea in the world.

What’s inside: Flavorful teas.

Price: $20 per month.

Shipping: Within the USA & Canada.

18. Tea Runners

This company wins a tea championship in the world to consider that they are the best in tea making. Best tea loose leaf is included in all plans having different tastes from black tea, herbal tea box, pure tea box, and original box(combo of all). You will have enough tea for the month because you can make up to 50 cups.

What’s inside: Different tea boxes.

Price: $21.25 per month.

Shipping: Worldwide.

19. Field Of Cup

You will get premium loose leaf teas and blends each month on your doorstep. It all depends on your plan, basically, you will have each month a new flavor but if you won’t repeat any flavor you will tell them. This is the most curated and affordable subscription.

What’s inside: Premium loose tea & blends.

Price: $15 per month.

Shipping: Within the USA.

20. Tomotcha

If you love Japanese food products then you need this too. They collect different teas from all over Japan. You also have green tea as well as roasted tea for different chai lovers. They also provide you instructions that how you can brew your tea.

What’s inside: Japanese tea box.

Price: $20 per month.

Shipping: Worldwide.

21. The Whistling Kettle

On subscribing up, you will be asked about your preferences for tea. You can choose different tea flavors black, pure, herbal/caffeine-free, or a mix of all. They also send you a silicone diffuser to get started with loose leaf tea.

What’s inside: Delicious tea around the world.

Price: $14.99 per month.

Shipping: Worldwide.

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