Red Tea Detox Program Review

If, like many people, you're overweight and feel lethargic, tired and fed up a lot of the time, a red tea detox program like this could be a great way to get your health and vitality back.

Using the less well known Rooibos or "red bush" tea from South Africa as its focal point, this program aims to help you reduce your body's store of unhealthy fat while helping you to increase your energy levels and regain your health and normalize your weight.

Before I get started, I should point out that this program is NOT a simple, "drink this and get slim" kind of thing. If you were looking for a magic bullet, this is not it.

Check out the video from one very satisfied customer of this product below. She explains things in a way we can all understand:

Now let's get into my own personal written review of the product.

The program is made up of a combination of three important sections:

The Red Tea Detox
  1. Diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Mindset

You get a main guide book which outlines the process in easy to follow steps, plus a booklet for each of the parts. This gives you a clear outline of what to do in terms of the diet you need to adopt, the exercises you need to do and the mental motivational aspect.

Note: Getting the mindset right is where many people will fail on their way to a healthier way of life. For that reason, the third part is very important and I'm glad to see that it's addressed so well.

Let's take each section in a little more detail so you'll know what you're in for!

Part 1: Diet

In the Diet booklet, you learn all about how the many toxins found in a lot of store-bought foods can retard your metabolism. It details the benefits of cleansing your body with a healthier diet and by drinking African red bush (rooibos) tea.

It explains why it is so important and worthwhile to detoxify your body before getting into your weight loss efforts. You're also provided with a clear outline of which energy-rich foods can be helpful to your body throughout its journey to achieving a lean belly.

Part 2: Workout

While working out is not mandatory to losing weight, it does help to tone the muscles and strengthen your body to help it burn more fat. If you decide to do the workout as outlined in the second booklet, you can increase your metabolism and that can potentially greatly increase and even double the rate of fat burning and weight lost.

Getting some good exercise each day is always beneficial and toning up is a matter of intensity, not necessarily the time spent at it. This booklet describes some simple exercises that anyone should find doable and even enjoyable.

Part 3: Mindset

Motivation and willpower are the two virtues that will carry you through the process to a healthier you. They are just as important as the dieting and exercising because they help you become determined to do this and not to quit.

Many people that set their minds to win tend to feel excited al the way until their goals are reached. For this reason, the best guides on fitness, dieting or detoxing should always include a dedicated section to getting the right mindset. This guide gives you just that!



Today, many foods can contain toxins of one form or another. Much research already confirms what our common sense already tells us. That is you need to get away from these toxins while cleansing your body as often as possible.

Doing this will have positive effects and in this program, the author (Liz Swann Miller) explains it really well so anyone can easily understand the problems and solutions.

It works:

rooibos tea detoxCombining exercise and healthy foods/drinks obviously cannot fail to improve your health and help you lose weight by reducing the amount of excess fat stored in your body.

This program solves one of the biggest food related problems in existence today (especially in the USA): the excessive consumption of soda!

Why do so many people only drink soda instead of water? If that's you, switching from drinking unhealthy sodas to red tea is one thing that can make a huge difference to your body. Added to the benefits of cutting your sugar (and sugar substitute) intake, you also detoxify your body in the process, increasing the beneficial effects.

Weight Issues Targeted:

The human body is designed to keep physically active and survive by consuming natural foods and liquids. However, generally many peoplke do not do either of these!

People drink sugar-laden soda, sweetened coffee or beer. They spend hours sitting behind a desk at work or laying on a couch in front of the TV.

The ancient African tea recipe provided in this course is nothing short of amazing because it is also a healthy beverage. It contains no sugar or caffeine! By combining the tea with the diet and fitness (and mindset) booklets, the fundamental health issues are addressed and will be sure to lead you to a positive outcome as long as you stick with it.


Discipline Required:

Drinking red tea is great. The guidelines, foods, and workout routines provided in this program are too. However, some measure of effort needs to be maintained and the program stayed with.

Maybe you need to ask yourself if you can keep it up for a few months. Can you change your habitual behavior to make sure you stay healthy indefinitely?

Alternatively, ask yourself if you are you the kind of person that tries something like this for a week, maybe. And then gives up.

The truth is that many similar programs work really well, while it tends to be the people doing them that fail. Any health-related system requires discipline to keep doing it to succeed.

It Does Not Replace Healthcare!

If you are overweight or obese, the chances are you suffer from a variety of weight-related medical ailments that need to be addressed. This program is not designed as a solution for them.

Initial weight gain:

Please be aware that starting on fitness routines and workouts can cause your weight to rise a little initially. This is because exercise builds muscle mass (good weight) and by volume, muscle is denser and weighs more than fat. This is desirable since gaining muscle mass is achieved at the expense of burning more fat!

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Red Tea Detox reviews

You'll be glad you did when you're enjoying a healthier, cleansed and ultimately lighter and better looking body thanks to what you'll learn in this course!