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Rooibos tea is naturally sweet. This prevents you from adding refined sugar or aspartame to sweeten your tea. It is best that you drink rooibos tea in its naturally brewed form without adding any artificial sweeteners to keep its weight loss properties intact.

Remember all the herbal blend teas that come with a tagline of something like lose belly weight with this herbal tea, best tea to slim, the weight loss tea, skinny tea, fat loss tea, cleansing tea and detox tea are all the same. All of them work through the detoxification process.

Fill a big teacup with soothing peppermint tea, and sniff yourself skinny! While certain scents can trigger hunger (a trick Cinnabon figured out long ago), others can actually suppress your appetite. One study published in the Journal of Neurological and Orthopedic Medicine found that people who sniffed peppermint every two hours lost an average of five pounds a month. (Although tea is relatively low in caffeine—about 25 percent of what a cup of coffee delivers—decaffeinated varieties are great to have on hand for a soothing bedtime treat.) Consider also adding a few drops of peppermint oil to your pillow or burning a minty candle to fill the room with slimming smells. For a stress- and belly-free mind and body, alternate your mint tea tea with one of these 5 Teas That Melt Fat Fast.

4. High mineral content – One of the key health benefits of rooibos is that it contains several minerals that are vital to health. These include: magnesium (essential for the nervous system), calcium & manganese (essential for strong teeth and bones), zinc (important for metabolism) and iron (critical for helping blood & muscles distribute oxygen).

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Rooibos can help relieve diarrhea and cramps, ease nausea, stomach upset and indigestion, in addition to reducing inflammation and allergies. It’s also believed to alleviate colic in babies, and as it’s completely caffeine free, it’s also safe for them to consume.

June 4, 2001 — Green tea, red tea, black tea — by this time you may be swimming in tea and news about its purported ability to prevent cancer and heart disease. Now, American tea drinkers browsing the shelves of health food stores are liable to come upon a new one — Rooibos tea, from South Africa.

Who doesn’t know about Liz Swann Miller? If you happen to read about healthy ideas of life, Liz doesn’t need an introduction. For those who don’t know, Liz Swann Miller’s introduction is available at the creator of product page at red tea detox’s website. All her books are available on Amazon too.

As I’m sure you’ve gathered, I’m a massive Rooibos fan, not just because I grew up with it and it reminds me of home, but also because of the incredible health benefits it provides to the whole family – from baby to granny. Inside and out.

In one study, 70 men were given either a capsule of puerh tea extract or a placebo. After three months, those taking the puerh tea capsule lost approximately 2.2 pounds (1 kg) more than the placebo group (8).

Rooibos’s unique bioflavonoid, Aspalathin, helps to reduce stress hormones that trigger hunger and fat storage, typically associated with high blood pressure, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes. In a nutshell, rooibos tea can prevent the body from storing and even forming new fat cells.

I feel this is more of a wording issue with the sales page. The tea does tend to fill you up compared to drinking sodas and fruit juices which can be loaded with sugar and leave you wanting more. And I think that is what the author meant.

Some people try this diet alone, but it is not advisable to do so. It is preferable to participate in a workshop for several days, and to enter this experiment with a professional person and other people. Everyone participates in this training workshop, and with the same experience. The Red Tea Detox is can support each other, and many choose to take a break from work, or do so on weekends.

– Minerals: Tea minerals, such as potassium or magnesium , contribute with their diuretic properties that help the body to eliminate fluids and toxins. These components increase the potential of red tea as an ally in cleansing diets.

“If your problem is mainly due to stress, then you will need relaxing teas that will help, indirectly, reduce cortisol levels,” says Orsoni. “If your weight issues stem from too much toxins in your food and environment, then you will need a tea containing boxing flushing compounds. And if your extra pounds are due to water retention, on top of drastically reducing your salt intake, a tea loaded with dandelion and cherry stems will greatly help.”

Caffeine is also used in many energy drinks, and the prolonged effects are not good at all, since it is linked with problems above, and it can cause addiction. Million of people have caffeine addiction, and they do not realize it. Therefore, red rooibos tea combined with malt and milk can be a substitute for usual energy drink, with less side effects. Red rooibos tea is very recommended for active people such as athletes, hyperactive children or travellers who need to drink plenty of beverages.

Can protect against Parkinsons/Alzheimers disease – drinking rooibos tea regularly can protect against a process known as lipid peridoxation.  This is where free radicals damage brain cells and nerve tissue.  If this is prolonged, it can lead eventually to progressive and deteriorating brain disease, such as Alzheimers.  Laboratory tests on rats showed little difference in brain function from a group of older rats given rooibos tea to the brains of newborn rats.

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70% of our body’s immune system is in our digestive tract and we invariably fill it up with toxins not just from food and beverages but also from cosmetics, household cleaners, and unhealthy lifestyle habits and so on. 

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If you’ve seen Liz Swann Miller’s presentation video about Red Tea Detox, you know it’s quite a sensational story. There is obviously some added drama and hype, which is probably a part of the marketing. But you still see the basic concept: it’s a detox diet that uses a specific tea recipe to supposedly help accelerate fat loss.

To take full advantage of the properties of rooibos it is advisable that you drink it early in the morning on an empty stomach, so it is more effective to combat fluid retention and to facilitate the transit of our intestines.

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Valued for centuries in South Africa for its many healing and medicinal properties (such as soothing colic in babies), Rooibos tea is becoming increasingly popular and well known around the world, thanks to its growing reputation as a healing tea that is rich in antioxidants (and for its wonderful taste, too!). Click here to learn more about this delicious, healthy tea.

Cocoa. The Red Tea Detox ingredient has a wide range of benefits. Cocoa boosts metabolic activities and utilizes fats to generate energy. The constituent also stimulates secretion of serotonin. The hormone helps in regulation of mood and reducing cravings.

Red tea is good for the skin and can help improve the appearance. The presence of zinc, long touted for the treatment of acne and related skin conditions, makes red tea a smart element for skin care. Red tea powder can even be applied directly to the skin to sooth skin irritations.

“Our data suggest that longer treatment intervals with glycolic and lactic acid can cause improvements in both the epidermal and dermal components and support the usefulness of AHA [alpha-hydroxy acid] for rejuvenating photo-damaged skin.”

Furthermore, Red Tea Detox support you to decrease your stress in your routine life and help you to stable your hormones and help you to burn your fat. It will help you to improve your eating habits and help you to control your stress, it will also help you to reduce the production of fats in the faster manner.

Since red rooibos tea is high in antioxidant, it is good to delay aging. Drinking 1 cup of red rooibos tea can slow down aging process and boost immune system. We already know that early aging process can be caused by free radicals, therefore antioxidants in rooibos tea will fight them.

After several hours and about twelve miles of steady hiking, I was getting tired. The humid air, the enveloping darkness, and the exhaustion from the difficult path caught up with me and, after a misstep, I stumbled.

It is safer for pregnant women because it has no caffeine. It is also safe for babies and infants because of its antioxidants, which help treat many ailments that babies usually suffer from, such as diarrhea, colic, vomiting and other stomach problems. It is also low in tannins, which means that it won’t interfere with your child’s digestive process.

3. Prevents against some cancers – Some studies have demonstrated a link between consumption of rooibos tea and a reduction of cancer-causing chemicals. This is because of the high level of dominant antioxidants, some of which have anti-mutagenic (anti-cancer) properties. This means that they defend cells & DNA against damage and inhibit them from developing into cancer.

Sampson, meanwhile, says that “hot tea has been shown to be much more beneficial than cold for weight loss. It might be because hot tea has more antioxidants, or possibly because people tend to add to iced tea.”

7. Enhances bone strength: The presence of calcium and manganese is really good for your bones. Along with strengthening bones, it encourages bone and joint development. Thus, problems like arthritis are kept at bay.