There are certain things, which we use on a daily basis for our personal care, the toothbrush is one of them. Certainly, it’s difficult to choose the best toothbrush because there are many types of bristles are available in them, i.e soft, medium, & hard. Soft bristles toothbrush is recommended and the most demanded toothbrush in the world. Because it prevents you to have cavities or any toothaches.

You have to replace the toothbrush after 2 or 3 months, and seriously it is annoying and a real headache for most peoples. So they are looking to services which sent toothbrushes to your doorstep each month either they are manual or electric. It depends upon your selected plan.

Toothbrush subscription service is providing you with toothbrushes set (brush heads, toothpaste, and other necessary things) each month on your doorstep. So, we find & collected some of the best monthly or quarterly toothbrush subscription boxes deals or services.

Best Toothbrush Subscription Boxes

Best Toothbrush Subscription Boxes Reviews

Monthly toothbrush subscription boxes are listed below, so you can find a good one for you. Some of them are manually operated and some are electric toothbrushes.

If you have any cavities or toothaches, we recommend you to have an appointment with your dentist. Then you can choose the best toothbrush subscription from below.

Must read the full article because we have top picks by Urban Detox Club at the end of the article.


If you are looking for a whole package then you are in the right place. QUIP has a complete package of simple and surprisingly enjoyable oral care at reasonable prices. With three Starter Sets, if you are a single, couple or a family, QUIP is the best option.

What’s inside: Electric toothbrush, multi-use Cover / Mount(Plastic, Metal, Edition) and large toothpaste. Refill plan involves fresh brush head, AAA battery, and large toothpaste or traveling toothpaste.

Price: Starts at $25 / month.

Shipping: Free Worldwide.


If you are looking for classic Manual or Electric sonic Powered Toothbrush with activated charcoal bristles? Then BOKA is the finest option to consider. Toothpaste provided by BOKA contains fluoride-free and comprises aloe vera, xylitol, green tea, and mint. The best thing that in it, is a 30-day money-back guarantee and a two-year warranty.

What’s inside: Sonic powered brush, Magnetic docking station, 2x brush heads, Removable micro USB cord, and a free travel Brush optional paste and vada mint floss. The Refill plan involves Activated Charcoal Heads and optional paste and vada mint floss every 3 Months.

Price: Starts at $70 / month.

Shipping: Free within the USA.

3. Goodwell Company

If you like a manual, electric toothbrush or both in one, then this monthly toothbrush subscription box is for you. Biodegradable with charcoal-infused bristles brand the toothbrushes premium. The electric toothbrush is available in two colors, attractive white and shiny black. Therefore, if you are fond of manual toothbrushes then Bamboo+binchotan subscription is more suitable. One of the plans offers you to keep the beautiful aluminum handle and replacement heads provided after every 2 months.

What’s inside: Be. Brush(Electric Toothbrush), Bamboo Brush or premium brushes, toothpaste(pacific mint natural) and a box of good floss. Refill plan involves the replacement of Brush Head, toothpaste and good floss.

Price: Starts at $15 / month.

Shipping: Free worldwide.


Colorful and luxurious is the status of the GOBY toothbrush box. Limited brush kits are so radiant, only presence is so joyful. Long-lasting battery, soft bristles, color matching, and beautiful hygienic stands are extra excellence. Different kits are available as per your taste. Favorites are Monochrome Brush Kits, Bloom Brush Kits, Metallic Brush Kits and many more for your wonderful experience.

What’s inside: Electric toothbrush(with long-lasting Battery), Oscillating Brush Head, Hygienic Stand(with removable base), USB portable Charging Shell and adapter and Brush Head Cover(for brushing on the go). Refill includes Brush Heads every 2 months.

Price: Starts at $30 / month.

Shipping: Free Shipping within the USA.

5. Uber Sonic Club

Here comes the Award-Winning Electric Sonic toothbrush company. With the unique aluminum design, the uber sonic toothbrush comes with reasonable refill services and teeth whitening kit. The subscription comes with the benefit of getting free uber sonic toothbrushes and whitening every year. Three starter packs are available for single, couple and family.

What’s inside:  Uber Sonic Brush, teeth whitening kit & refill plan involves fresh toothbrush heads.

Price: Starts at £19.00 / month.

Shipping: Free shipping within the UK.

6. Burst

If you are looking for something with lightweight and best quality charcoal bristles then, of course, Burst Box is the one to look into. Burst toothbrush box comes with three modes of brushing (whitening, massage and sensitive), powerful lithium battery, timer, and soft charcoal bristles. If you don’t like the black or white color toothbrushes then a special rose gold edition is also available.

What’s inside: Sonic toothbrush, USB charger, wall socket and travel case (only for rose gold edition). Refill plan involves Toothbrush heads every 3 Months.

Price: Starts at $69.99 / month.

Shipping: Free shipping within the USA

7. Brush Box

Pure, Curve bamboo and Smooth Bamboo offered in many different shades with matching bases. Brushbox is the company to provide you with beautifully designed manual toothbrushes. Different styles are available so you can choose your favorite designs easily. Add different other products to the subscription including tongue cleaner, flavored, and tasty toothpaste, funky floss, etc.

For kids variety of toothbrushes with perfect handles and beautiful colors available for subscription. Subscription is available for solo, couple, three members or four members of the family. It is also considered as a cheap subscription box because it is shipping all the main products related to the oral.

What’s inside: Manual Toothbrushes with optional flavored toothpaste, tongue cleaner, and funky floss.

Price: Starts at £6.99/ 2 months.

Shipping: Free shipping within the UK.

8. Buckbrush Company

Looking for an Economical Electric toothbrush subscription? The answer is Buck Brush Co Box. With a long-lasting battery, 3 different modes of speed (slow speed for the sensitive part) and nylon branded bristles. You can also add a UV brush head sanitizer to your order. Subscriptions are available for both single and family.

What’s inside: Electric Buckbrush with wireless charger(with base) and optional UV brush head sanitizer. Refill plan involves brush heads.

Price: Starts at $35 / month.

Shipping: Free shipping within the USA.

9. HiSmile

If you want to personalize your toothbrush subscription box. Then HiSmile Box is the best option for you. You can add or remove their best selling products in your subscription or cancel your subscription it depends upon you.

What’s inside: Toothpaste, day & night toothpaste, mouth wash, & gel refills.

Price: Starts at $23.99 / month.

Shipping: Free shipping worldwide.

10. Brusher Club

It’s difficult to get an electric toothbrush a new head after 3 months. So choose the best head for your toothbrush. Brusher Club Box will send you each month new heads for your electric toothbrush.

What’s inside: Toothbrush heads.

Price: Starts at $8.99 / 3 months.

Shipping: Free shipping within the USA.

Top 3 Picks By Urban Detox Club

1. Quip

Quip toothbrush subscription box is considered one of the best personal oral care subscription boxes. Its cheaps, and have worldwide delivery.

2. HiSmile

HiSmile is considered one of the best teeth whitening kits in the world. They will send you oral gels which give strength to your teethes.

3. Goby

Goby is one of the best electric toothbrushes in the world and they have an offer to send you toothbrushes along with bristles in the subscription box.

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