Welcome to Urban Detox Club (www.urbandetoxclub.com) and my About page where I get to tell you about me and what this site is all about.

Urban Detox Club is the creation of Jen Morris and Rebecca Sadek, certified health coaches who think it's possible to live a healthy life and have a life.

Both women ate their share of crap and gained their share of weight in their teens and 20s. They also had other health challenges until they both realized that there wasn't any glory in wrecking their bodies. After cleaning up their own health, they realized they had a knack for nutrition and enjoyed it more than their careers at the time. So off they went back to school and then private health coaching practices. After a serendipitous introduction from an awesome colleague (thanks Gretchen!), Jen and Rebecca met and despite vastly different backgrounds, hit it off in true NYC fashion.

Grateful to have made a new friend in the nutrition field, the ladies started bouncing ideas off of each other and realized they were on to something. That ‘something' became Urban Detox Club.

UDC is everything Jen and Rebecca want to offer their clients. A straightforward program that will give you results quickly while simultaneously helping you create a permanent healthy lifestyle. And true to Jen and Rebecca's personalities, they keep it down to Earth, doable and as entertaining as possible.