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Redefine Your Detox

UDC is simply a no brainer. It is a simple, easy and clean way to snap back into shape.


Say goodbye to crash cleansing, liquid-only misery and yo-yo dieting. Discover how the UDC Difference can help you achieve your goals and create a lasting, healthy lifestyle.

Redefine Support

Urban Detox Club isn’t just a detox, it’s a way of living. They teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle.


Think of the UDC Crew as your personal nutrition trainers – offering support, accountability and a little tough love throughout and after your program.

Redefine Success

Every morning I get up, look in the mirror and remind myself that I made a great decision.


This isn’t about temporary fixes.

Our UDC alums use their detoxes to jumpstart a lasting healthier and happier lifestyle.